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2016 Gnarly Music - Matt Jones and the Bobs
Chamomile and Whiskey

Chamomile and Whiskey formed in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia in the late winter of 2011. Marie Borgman and Koda Kerl had been traveling the country playing as a duo and returned home to Nelson County with the idea of forming a full band. After a few shows of expirementing with different musicians they quickly settled in with Tim Deibler, Brenning Greenfield, and Ryan Lavin. From the beginning the group played dozens of shows in the local bar scene, with an emphasis on high energy and passionate performance. With each of the members coming from different musical backgrounds the songs melded into a new sound... with shades of rock, americana, irish,  gypsy, and old-time sounds... all played with a punk rock ferocity. 

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Matt Jones and the Bobs are a folky roots-rock sextet, notable for their inclusive style and poignant songwriting. Audiences across Appalachia are delighted by performances which strike the tender emotions, then rise to joyous, celebratory heights. Well-penned lyrics - about departed ancestors, lasting lovers, or friends at war - produce clear, detailed images in the listener’s mind. Expert musicianship then wraps these images in stirring moods, making their rollicking numbers never shallow, but gritty and real. Both dancing shoes and sensitive hearts are welcomed by the sound of this Americana offering.